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J Andrew

Thank you so much for the gorgeous photos Svetlana! We couldn’t be happier. Svetlana was kind, patient and professional. She managed to capture gorgeous pictures in amongst the chaos of my very energetic 1 and 2 year old boys! My 2 year old was being grumpy and didn’t want to smile, Svetlana was so sweet with him and he soon warmed up and had a great time having photo’s taken around the park. I’d recommend Svetlana to anyone who would like a relaxed atmosphere to capture lovely memories of their families. Thanks again.

2 DAVIES.jpg

A Davies

Svetlana Thank you for amazing photoshoot. You were brilliant: calm, yet funny, friendly yet professional. You captured our family the way we want to feel in real life - smiling and relaxed.

K Squires

I would definitely recommend Svetlana for a family photo shoot! Directing a family of 4, 2 of which were under 5 and not the most cooperative, she captured some truly beautiful shots. Svetlana made us feel immediately comfortable, gave us fun and creative direction resulting in fabulous shots, she oozed patience and



M Bernardis

Some people love posing....well in our family, we simply don't. Svetlana's amazing cheerful character, together with endless patience and high professionalism, turned this upside down and made us all spend a fantastic Sunday together with tons of fun. The results were even more outstanding - she was able to capture our best moments and magically translate the personality of our family into ever lasting memories.


12 YA LING.jpg

Y Ling

Awesome photographer who took great photos of my daughter. I love the pictures' casual style in natural environment. These pictures record sweet and happy memories. Thanks to Svetlana's professionalism!


A Bankova-Bellve

Svetlana is an amazing photographer with an excellent taste. We had a photo session for my 2 little children in the park. I was astonished by the level of care she puts in all the details before, during and after the photoshoot. She has an internal sence of beauty transmitted in her work. The photos she gave us are at the same time natural, cheerful and beautiful. I can't recommend

her enough! 

6 DAROS.jpg

L Daros

Great professional. Dedicated work and very kind. Always capturing the best and all beautiful moments. I am so thankful for the beautiful memories we now have of my daughter's birthday together with her friends.



A Shliakotin

If you need to make a great stylish shoot of your sports activity - Svetlana is absolutely the person you should call. I'm very happy with her work, and can highly recommend her

to everyone.

8 OLENA_edited.jpg

E Olena

Thank you my dear Svetlana for such an amazing experience. With such a passion of you we can get only the best results ever!!! Svetlana you are incredible and your photos are a

real masterpiece!!!


Janice Chan

We had a Father’s Day family photo session with Svetlana and we are very happy with our photos. Svetlana is friendly, professional and so easy to work with. Our family is not experienced with taking professional pictures as we are generally more camera shy, but Svetlana made it so easy and natural, giving us guidance whenever we needed. I can’t recommend her enough. Thank you Svetlana!


Malena Gomez Farias

Thank you so much Svetlana for our amazing photographs! Svetlana really went above and beyond! She clicked with my boys right away, she made us feel relaxed and we had such a great time in the shoot. Even in a minishoot she managed to get such nice shots of me and my boys. Loved the photographs and her work!!!!


Louise Sunter

Our photo shoot with Svetlana was excellent. Not only did she take some really amazing photos and capture some beautiful family moments, but she made all of us feel totally at ease. It honestly felt like we were just hanging out in the park with a friend, who happened to be taking photos. She directed us where needed, but in a very gentle way, and let things unfold naturally throughout the session - especially with the kids. She was patient, funny and very easy-going. Highly recommend Svetlana!


Carly Wong

Thank you so much for the amazing photos at the Freespace Jazz Fest!

You’ve managed to capture all the joy and happiness from such a diverse audience, it’s so touching to see their faces through your lens! I have been reminding my team to look at the photos as the proof of their success, this makes all their sweat and tears worthwhile! Not to mention how much I will be using these photos for my ongoing promotion for outdoor events and power point presentations! So thank you!

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